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Autism Support

Resource Center

Explore our comprehensive collection of autism support materials, including parent resource videos, screening tools, best practices, and general FAQs. This resource page is designed to equip families and caregivers with the essential tools and information needed to effectively support individuals with autism. From practical guidance on daily care routines to insights into developmental strategies, our resources aim to enhance understanding and improve care for those on the autism spectrum. Whether you're new to autism care or seeking to expand your knowledge, these resources are here to assist in your journey.

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Helpful Links

Autism Parent Screening Tool

Utilize the Autism Parent Screening Tool to assess and identify early signs of autism in children.
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WV Autism Services in School Guideline for Best Practices

Refer to the WV Autism Services in School guideline for best practices to ensure effective educational support for students with autism.
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National ASD Practice Guidelines

Explore the National ASD Practice Guidelines to access evidence-based recommendations for the treatment and support of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
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Discover helpful strategies and insights through our parent resource videos

Parent Resource Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

After receiving an autism diagnosis, it’s important to connect with local autism support groups, consult with healthcare providers about therapy options such as ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), and explore educational services and accommodations.

Supporting your child in their daily routine can be facilitated by establishing a consistent schedule, using visual aids for tasks, providing sensory-friendly environments, and incorporating flexibility to accommodate their needs and responses.