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Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 3:30PM
210 Anthoni Avenue, Suite 300 Wheeling, WV 26003
About Augusta Levy Learning Center

Empowering Children with Autism to Thrive

Augusta Levy Learning Center provides intensive autism treatment programs, utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and emphasizing parent involvement, to help children with autism reach their highest potential in social, academic, communication, and independent living skills.

Augusta Levy Learning Center

Our Programs

Augusta Levy Learning Center's Early Intervention program uses play and positive reinforcement to teach children with disabilities vital skills for their overall development, encompassing social, intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities.
Augusta Levy Learning Center's Independence through Intervention program equips individuals with autism with a wide range of essential life skills through hands-on training, community outings, and a simulated apartment setting, fostering their independence and safety in various areas such as daily tasks, social interactions, and personal well-being.
Why Choose ALLC

Unlocks Potential Through Personalized Autism Treatment Programs

ALLC benefits children and parents by providing personalized autism treatment programs that help children reach their potential, while actively involving and empowering parents in the process.

Hours of Therapy Each Week

Augusta Levy Learning Center provides support to children and their family. 

Children Served

Our staff cares about your child and performs continuous education and certifications.

Thomas C.

Great people always a help.

Thomas C.

Carolyn B.

My son goes here for speech therapy. We haven’t been going that long but I can say the staff is amazing. Super nice super helpful in they care about your child.

Carolyn B.

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